Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Apologies for the very grainy pics today. I was very surprised that finally...the Tanaka and Ms Akira managed to eat side by side, even if there was still the gate dividing them. I had to snap the pic quickly as the kitties would just as quickly finish eating. They take just a a few minutes to finish dinner.

Of course Tanaka looked at her a few times but she was not perturbed and ate her dinner calmly throughout the almost 5-minute process. Then after dinner she moved away quietly and he just sat there calmly as well. I hope this is a start to them being friendlier to each other.

I had tried putting the flower essences in the food and water but in the case of Tanaka, I decided after several months, to give it to him directly. It is possible to do this as he is not afraid of new things but these days, we have to play catch before anything can happen. It is not possible with Ms Akira as the struggle and stress would undo much of what progress we have made. 

Here, Tanaka was rewarded with a walk outside and of cos he always gets his own pot of grass.

PS Tonight tanaka decided to take a flying leap and hurled himself onto the gate. Oh dear... The road is still much too Rocky

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Ginger Jasper said...

I think it will come and soon. There was only a see through gate between them so that has to be progress. Hugs GJ xx