Thursday, December 28, 2006

New timetable

Safe and sound asleep

The old aunty came knocking on my door at about 7 pm and told me she would feed the Wild Bunch. I was quite surprised as her hands are still a little swollen but I did not protest as I had a whole day of meetings today and was very tired. I am really grateful to her. She said, "Hari banyak hujan. Lu banyak susah jalan sana-sana. Saya kasi makan semua-semua. Hari Sabtu dan tujuh lu kasi kucin bawah makan. Saya kasi kucing lain. " Translated : Its raining hard and you have to walk a distance to feed the cats. I will feed the cats tonight and for Saturday and Sunday, you feed the cat downstairs (Little Calico) and I will feed the rest.

So I spent the time cleaning out the bins and sitting with the kitties and of course catching up on my blog as I have not been able to blog some days ago because the lines are down. I hope the aunty cleans up after she feeds them.


auntie p said...

That's really nice of the aunty.

san said...

Yes it is. She didn't have to volunteer to do this again as I had fed them everyday for the past months and I didn't ask that she takes over the duty days either when I last saw her. :) FB eats at her void deck and Calico Mom is just at the next block so its nearer to where she lives.