Sunday, December 24, 2006

Casanova unveiled

The very male Casanova who sometimes comes to dinner

I finally got a picture of Casanova in daylight. He is quite a magnificent green-eyed full Tom with a soft voice. He seems to be quite fearful of FatBoy and would try to hide from him, without much success I must say as FB would always smell him out and then I would have quite a choir with FB singing solo. So I would have to get him to sit someplace else so I can get him something to eat. He does not have a fixed time-table with us but I see him once or twice in a week, sometimes none. I thought I would have only 3 to look after once Megat is with me but it seems now I may have 31/2 cats :)

Casanova making his way home...pass the infamous carpark

I don't really know if Casanova stays in this infamous carpark where Megat used to stay or Screaming Banshee as was. The Man told me he has seen Casanova and Screaming Banshee yelling at each other once upon a time. I do not go to this carpark nowadays as Screaming Banshee is now living with us as Shaolin Megat :))

Until the next time...

ST (the TC contact) told me that indeed there were many complaints about the 'nuisance' black cat in the carpark, from drivers to cleaners to environment officers. It seems they have been trying to catch it but they have been unsuccessful. ST also told me that if I had released SB back to the carpark, it was only a matter of time before they send the AVA as essentially there is nothing much that can be done if we cannot 'rehabilitate' a cat. The defecation complaints range from poo-ing on the floor to car bonnets. ST said he was suspicious of such reports of cats poo-ing on bonnets as am I. That can only be human mischief.

I hope Casanova would not be the next victim.


Mary said...

Does Megat still 'scream' now that he is residing in your house?

san said...

No he doesn't scream at all. He just meows softly BUT continuously. :)