Saturday, December 23, 2006

Fanks furr the cheerrs cat_aunty

I went to the 'puter and san showeded me the pikshur of tuxedo playin' basketball. I was tryin to sniff the smell of the Crazee Shaolin Cat. The pikshur cheereded me up some. I told san to say my fanks to you cos I have to go eat breakfast befur the CSC (Crazee Shaolin Cat) eats up my breakfast too.

san did not manage to take the pikshur of me lookin at the gift this morning cos she just woke up and finished with her chores but I told her to make sure she has her camera ready. I dunno why she has a camera if she is never ready to take my pikshurs. I can't be modelling all the time. Doesn't she know that?

cheerios and may tuna fall on your plate always


cat_aunty said...

Chin up, Bujang! You will get to like each other.

Mary said...

Ha, ha san; i just love this picture.

san said...

Ya this is very cute. Bujang was sniffing at it too but I didn't have the camera so didn't take his pic :)