Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday surprise

This smells different...honeysuckle and the new black cat...

This evening Ms Akira had to go to the vet at Pet Safari for her annual vaccination. Dr Soh was the vet this evening and we didn't have to wait for very long, only 10 minutes. The surgery was actually empty and we could hear some dogs barking behind closed doors.

Ms Akira behaved very well througout the whole visit and she patiently went through her deworming tablet, ear, teeth and body inspection and of course vaccination. She was so good that there was no need for the assistant to be with us. Ms Akira weighed in at 4.45 kg. Thank goodness. I didn't get a lecture about putting my cat on diet.

I asked for the deworming tablet for Toro Tunabelly. The vet asked me how much he weighed and I quickly said..errr...5 kg. So now all the kitties have eaten the deworming tablet.

Ms Akira was very frisky at home and didn't have a fever. She ate and played and is now sleeping in front of the monitor after giving Megat dire warnings for daring to get near the computer.
More cleaning....

Today Megat was upset with Bujang for daring to sniff at him. He flew at Bujang with both forelegs like one of those kung-fu fights and I actually saw fur flying. Bujang got quite a shock as did all the kitties. After that, Bujang gave him a wide berth and stayed in the bedroom for the rest of the time, only coming out for dinner. Bujang stayed either on my bed or on grandma's bed, well away from Megat-Shaolin-Cat.

I played with the kitties today using their favourite toy Da Bird. I was quite surprised that Megat decided he too wanted to play and he flew at the bird enthusiastically to the utter disgust of the rest. This reminded me of the 1st few times Toro had played with Da Bird. He monopolised the toy. However, in Toro's case it was just him throwing his weight around but with Megat it would be more claws. Bujang stayed on the bed where he would be safe and Ms Akira and Toro just stayed in the background while Megat bit and sniffed at the lure.

I also noticed that Megat actually just have one canine left so his bark would be worse than his bite. Since he thinks that grandma is after his hide (after yesterday when he was stuck behind her cupboard for 6 hours) , he has taken to sticking with me always, grooming his fur. He has also decided that I needed grooming and spent a few minutes grooming my arm. :) He is taking domestication in his stride.

If there is Father Christmas, my Christmas wish would be that the other kitties would not be so afraid of him but I guess he is even more afraid of them, therefore the Shaolin moves. :)

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cat_aunty said...

After all, it has only been a week, and Shaolin Megat seems to be making an effort to fit in. It takes time lah. I think Bujnag is just nursing his bruised tomcat pride, so he will come around once he realises that you still loves him very much.