Monday, December 25, 2006

What did you get in your christmas stockings

I hope all the cats got what they wanted for Christmas :)
Toro got an extra tuna cos he has been a good boy and extremely friendly to strangers in need.
Bujang got extra nap time away from Shaolin Megat and a thin slice of cheese (diet be d****)
Ms Akira got extra attention and scritches from visitors.
Shaolin Megat got to sit on top of grandma's cupboard for a world view of the amigo house.
Everyone has got a nice Christmas collar and brillinat jewel :) [actually this is for me]
Grandma got some hot piping mee rebus.
And I found framingstation where I can have free samples. WOOHOO.


auntie p said...

Good for all of you!

I've got an unexpected X'mas present too....made me happy...will blog about it later...heheh.

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

Happy Christmas San and the Gang of Four :) We got lotsa peace at home today, the KMM crew are especially tired and have been sleeping the whole day!!

cat_aunty said...

Glad to hear that everyone had a good day!

Merry Xmas!