Friday, December 29, 2006

Don't try to mess with me dude!

Peace at last

Ms Akira is not to be trifled with. She makes her intentions very clear and she does not suffer fools gladly, especially when the fool is a male cat who tries to wrestle her for position.

This morning, she was deeply insulted when Megat tried his Shaolin moves on her by trying to get up on her computer table. She snarled and slapped him right smack on his face several times. Megat decided that retreat was the best defence and made a run for it. Now whenever he tries to get up, she would jump down from the top of the cupboard where she usually sleeps and stares him down. Megat would then try not to stare at her as he would any other kitty, and leave.

She does not hesitate and would sleep on the place from which she had ousted Megat. I only worry about the lice but the vet assures me that as long as everyone has been treated with Revolution, all the lice would die. I need 3 other applications for everyone for the next 3 months.

She is truly a super formidable female!


auntie p said...

Is this Revolution to be applied on the skin of the back of the neck, like Frontline? I can buy Frontline from the pet shops, but have only seen Revolution in the spray format which has to be sprayed all over the body, which isn't advisable since cats tend to lick all over.
auntie p

Mary said...

Hi Ms. Akira, good work. At least san won't feel so worried about you hiding under the blanket now. She knows you will defend yourself when you want to.

san said...

Yes aunty_p. It comes in a tube and you apply it like you would Frontline, on the skin at the base of the neck. They can't lick it so its safe. I saw Revolution in a pet store once that's cheaper than what you get at the vet but I was quite horrified as it had expired already! There are 3 tubes in one box.

cat_aunty said...

oh hohoho three cheers for Miss "Don't Mess With Me" Akira!! I bet Shaolin Megat will treat her with RESPECT from now on!!