Thursday, December 28, 2006

Shaolin Megat - what are you up to?

The stalker

Shaolin Megat is a good stalker, especially because he is small and surprisingly quick for a 10 - year old. He sometimes surprises the kitties by jumping at them from under tables and beds causing a great deal of consternation among them. Once they have been scared by Shaolin Megat, they would all go find a roost to rest in to recover.

The show-off

His confidence grows each day and he has now managed to walk around the house without wanting to slink against walls nor find the first available place under which to hide out.

The baby

Grandma and Megat now have a new understanding. This is important as when I go to work, grandma takes care of all the kitties and if she has to spend her time looking for Megat, life would be difficult for the both of them. After several days of trial and error, grandma managed to make friends with Megat and even invited him to sit on her lap. I advised grandma that she has to be careful with Toro who might get jealous :) So later, grandma cuddled Toro too. :) We hope that this would lessen the panic when they have to face each other.

The first day (after the missing cat episode) they were together, he actually opened one of the kitchen cabinets and stayed inside. Grandma spent some time calling for him and when she finally opened the doors to check, she found him calmly sitting in a box. It was quite frightening as there was a bottle of detergent in it. We have since secured the kitchen cabinet doors so he would not be able to do this again.

The Sleepy-head

Today Megat actually had the courage to nap by himself away from us. Of course I was near him so he was not so afraid. This is a big step for Megat who has to live with 3 other cats. I think in his previous life in the carpark, he had no other cats to consider. Possibly only Casanova who fights with him for territory.


Big Ears said...

You know what? U and grandma deserve 3 big fat cheers for opening your heart and home for Megat.


Mary said...

i wholeheartedly agree; it must have been a tough decision for san. And Megat fur is definitely growing beautifully.