Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bujang and his Megat trials

I want more treats please...

Eversince Megat came to live with us, Bujang has been finding it quite a trial to live with a 4th cat. I think he has been quite accomodating with Akira and Toro and he quite understood how to live with them but Megat is an enigma to him. Of course Megat is not your ordinary cat having lived for 10+ years so he does not like to be trifled with apart from the fact that he is still quite nervous of them all. Bujang spends alot of his time now with me in the computer room as do Toro and Akira. I would have (like the case now) all 3 cats with me with Bujang on the cushions, Toro sleeping on his computer shelf and AKira right smack in front of my monitor. It's like a hide-out. Usually at some point before bedtime, I have to put Megat in his cage so he can rest without me (and I can work) and this also gives the rest of the household some rest time away from uncertainty.

But the upside is now Bujang would actually eat some Natural Balance which I feed Megat. The other two still would not entertain such an idea. Bujang has also taken to eating cod liver oil quite willingly. Of cos then he grooms himself and he smells of cod liver oil. Kind of yukk. So I have to wipe him out but its a small price to pay I think.

I hope to get Bujang to eat Natural Balance as I have seen what a difference it makes to Megat's coat and general health. Megat used to eat 2 cans a day but now he only eats about 3/4 of a can which is ok for his weight and size. I hope to get Bujang's weight down in this way too. :) I will work on the other 2 more slowly especially Toro Tunabelly whose idea of food is exteremly narrow.


Mary said...

This aunty is so sweet and so considerate.

Mary said...

Aiyoh, a/m comment is not meant here. Anyway, i think Bujang will copy Megat and vie for your attention. He has been the king all along and now he has independent Megat always following you around - i think he feels kind of insecure.