Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The old aunty

Toro telling me he doesn't like the camera

I wanted to blog about the old aunty some days ago but forgot. I saw the old aunty (the one who used to feed the Wild Bunch) after many months last Thurday. She saw me walking to feed FatBoy and waited for me. I had just come from feeding Little Calico and had cleared some biscuits someone had strewn on the floor. When I saw her, I guessed she might be the one and it turned out to be true as I also saw strewn biscuits where FatBoy was. Sigh.... I had told her many times before not to do this but I guess she had forgotten the dangers to the cats.

I fed FatBoy and spoke to her again about the dangers of feeding the cats and not cleaning up after them. She nodded her head and told me she would try to remember. Then I saw her swollen hands. Whah! They were red and must surely be painful. She told me that they were the result of standing 9 hours a day washing coffee cups in detergent. I advised her to use gloves but she told me she was not used to it.

Then I told her that I had rehomed Screaming Banshee and she didn't have to go to the carpark again to feed him. I also told her that ST told me no one was coming to get the cats and the TC would not be sending people down to catch anyone or any cat. Then to drive home the point, I told her that she must feed the cats properly or else someone might complain and the TC would have to take action. Added to this, the left over food might even attract cockroahes and rats and the cats might get sick also. I also told her it was not wrong to feed the cats. It is only wrong to litter. She has been very afraid of being caught by the TC people. I think the cleaners etc have been scaring her too.

She then brought me to see a white cat in another area. She said this cat had gven birth but she could not find the kittens. I told her that the white cat may have hidden her kittens from view. I also told her that once the kittens are weaned she would have to help me catch the white cat for spaying as the white cat is familiar with her. She agreed. It seemed that this white cat is friendly with Casanova so I guess the kittens night be Casanova's kittens too.

I told her that I would feed the Wild Bunch until her hands are better. Then we can see to the timetable as next year I would be working again and there would be days and days of meetings and may not be able to feed them everyday.


cat_aunty said...

Oh dear....more kittens...

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

More mouths to feed! Unfixed males and white cats having kittens. You have your work cut out for you. Megat (SB) is looking good! I'm sure eventually all the cats will work out their problems and fall into a comfortable, if not friendly, routine.

Mini said...

There's a family who tosses ikan kunings, half eaten pomfrets and even egg omelettes to the downstairs cats from their kitchen window. I've tried speaking to them on the issue of littering but to no avail. Would like to speak to them again but they don't seem very friendly. Hmm.

Anyhow, I did a brief calculation for Bujang and Becks (they weigh the same). If they lose 40g a week, they'll reach their 4.5kg goal in less than a year. 40g a week is also well within the 0.5% - 2% recommended weight loss per week. :)

san said...

Bujang losing 40 g a week. This means I have to weigh him every week. Whah! dangerous boy! :))

The aunty told me that some people in my blk have told her they are going to report indiscriminate feeding to the TC. She told them that I have spoken to her and actually scolded her for feeding irresponsibly :)so it couldn't be me :)) It seems these people live on the 4th floor. I suspect its one of the kids that I had seen about so I will talk to the kids when I see them again. At least no one throws out stuff from their windows for Little Calico.