Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cantik cookies came today

Is this for me?

It must be for me.

I think its for us...smells like...err...I dunno

Can we eat it Toro?
No Megat. I fink its fur san. Better don't touch or else...we don't get tuna.

The cantik cookies came today. I am glad they came just in time for Christmas so tomorrow I would give some away to people at the office. They were wrapped nicely with various coloured ribbons on top. They even came in an IKEA bag. I was surprised to see the carrier when I went to get the cookies but as I did not bring my own, A said I could have the bag too. :) Of course I would have to return the bag when I see them next for another fundrasing for the east coast cats.

The 2 boys came to inspect the bags. Megat and Toro have become quite friendly. Apart from the one spat that they had, things are calmer now. One of the main reasons why this has happened is that Megat is not as touchy as Bujang and he allows Toro to sniff at him for endless periods. However, Toro gets a trifle nervous when Megat sniffs back :)

Bujang has been singing for longer periods now. I think he is quite displeased that Megat is in the house although he refuses to let Megat see it. Bujang has been trying to take over Toro's sleeping blanket to Toro's great disgust which has resulted in a few spats. But there is nothing that Toro can do about it and I refuse to get into the fray. Usually Bujang would then shift his great err..bulk further and Toro gets to sleep on at least 3/4 of the blanket. Bujang has not slept on his usual cupboard perch for the whole week. I guess he wants to be with everyone else :) i am gald to see he is not depressed, just a little more quiet but Bujang will take his time before coming to any conclusions. I am sure his mind is ticking away. I am quite intersted to know his verdict of Megat.

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