Thursday, June 29, 2006

Last note

As I was colouring this picture of Toro I was thinking of how lucky I am that I still have the cat that is in this picture, that I can look at his silly antics and laugh, that I have Bujang and Akira who love each other and as time pass, Toro would be included in their inner circle. Toro and Bujang are right this minute sitting at the door of my computer room waiting for me to complete this last blog entry and sleeping close to each other.

I was at 5-Cat Style and the Flyer and read the horror that Melissa and her sister had to come home to. I cannot imagine such horror and do not ever want to experience such a thing...ever. I was at work and read about D Hooi and yet another dead kitten, its picture splashed for all to see. How can anyone see or read about such things and not wonder at what is happening to all of us?

I am glad that I have 3 cats to hug and a cat on my lap right now who is resting on and purring at me. I have cramps but will persevere until Miss Akira decides to wake up and move off.

I can only sympathise with Melissa and her sister and say a prayer for Tiffy and the nameless dead cat who had to be put down because D Hooi decided a cat's life is worth nothing.

I am thankful that I still have my 3 cats tonight and they are safe with me. Grandma may grumble sometimes but she loves them just as much and they love her. I cannot ask for anything more for myself I think... but for Tiffy and the nameless kitten... I hope they are in a better place than this.

Ohoh Bujang is calling so I have to go.


lambj said...

I am saddened by Tiffy's story, too. I will hug my cats tonight, even if Bonnie doesn't like it. At least Tiffy had a good home for a short time instead of staying on the streets. Too bad she was caught up and victimized by human problems. RIP Tiffy.

cat_aunty said...

San, I feel the same too. I was so upset with the news of Tiffy, I had to sleep with the cats.

Mini-Meow said...

Poor Tiffy... Sigh.

San, thanks for sharing Tiffy's story. Now I feel like hugging my parents for tolerating with my cats for the past few years. Though my parents have always wondered aloud when I am finally going to send the cats away, we both understand that nothing of that sort is going to happen.

You are right, we are lucky to have our cats.