Thursday, January 21, 2010

To the Vet

Megat will see Dr L tomorrow for his review. He is eating well and playing with all the boys. I gave him his weekly sub-q today as I didn't want him too stressed out tomorrow. He is getting very stubborn with the suppositories and for the last week had been tightening his muscles and yelling even before I could put them in. After the whole operation is over and even after me cuddling him for half and hour, he would make his way deliberately to the litter and out the sang hwang would go, although not in its entirety as some of it would have been absorbed into his system. Maybe I would get Dr L to put the suppository in for him tomorrow and then he would have to wait until we get home to use the litter (I hope). I would have to bring some liners tomorrow too just in case.

I hope it would still be good news for us but I guess you will never know for sure.


Anonymous said...

If HS suppository is stressful, why not give 250ml or 400 ml capsules or liquid HS? If i am not mistaken, i was told that HS given orally may not be fully absolved-some may be destroyed by gastric juice in stomach. Perhaps if tabs are given with food, more could be absolved. Best Wishes to Megat.

cat_aunty said...

thats some serious looking claws!!!

Anonymous said...

Our black BCat's is not good at retracting its nails too-just like Megat.