Friday, January 15, 2010

Thursday Walk but Friday news

Bujang stalked the pigeons. He was not pleased when they paraded infront of him the first day he had his walk and had been stalking and running after them since. I guess a cat among the pigeons is serious business but I know he would not ever catch any as the pigeons are wily and Bujang only ever hunts beetles (cos they are scrunchy) and lizard tails with any seriousness.

Bujang would trek quite far to get crunchy grass. He sniffs at each blade separately and then very daintily sometimes just eats the top of each blade. He would do this even for the wheat grass that I offer him, sniffing each bunch slowly and carefully. Tanaka would just take one big bite and its all over.

No I do NOT want to go home and you can't make me...
'Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

After exhaustive testing, my cat was tested positive for cryptococcosis (fungal disease associated with pigeon droppings) about 6-7 yrs ago. Our cat is 100% indoors though some pigeons come to our garden. Fungal meds caused high creatinine & hence kidney insufficiency & cat is on Sub-Q since. This may be a rare case but it happens.

HRH Coco said...

Bujang the grass connoisseur.