Sunday, January 10, 2010

Are You Serious?

Is that wise?

The old aunty who would be moving house early this year wanted to know how to litter-train a kitty. It seemed that she said she would like to adopt a community cat in her area once she has settled in as a cat would be companionship for her. While she is a very kind lady and one more community cat would be saved, I do not think this would be a good idea as there would be the cost of her having to put grills at the windows, vet fees, costs of litter and food and of course she may not be able to train the kitty properly. Then there may be complaints from neighbours and the TC! I am also afraid she may take in more than one!!

On the other hand, the kitty, if successfully trained may be a good companion for her. I had also advised her that she should not feed the community cats in her new premise as she is already old and infirm and she has no one to support her at all. But of course she would because she likes cats and she has a good heart. I am only glad that she is gutsy and knows how to feed them responsibly :). I am not yet decided what to tell her about adopting a kitty though.

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HRH Coco said...

Eh...since she is old and infirm, what if the adopted kitty outlives her? Sorry if it sounds morbid, but it is an issue to consider.