Sunday, January 31, 2010

Its good fur my claws...

This is the first time that Bujang had tried to train his claws on a tree. This happened yesterday and this evening he trained his claws on another tree in this same square of grass. The tree was the one that the pigeons like to rest on. I guess he was just leaving them a message.

Note to Autumn
This is a note for Autumn. I couldn't find the note that you had posted on my blog and as you said you had bought one and whether the pictures were posed or not, I assumed that you wanted to ask about Bujang and his walking jacket. I trained Bujang to walk with a small dog harness when he was about 6 months and it took me a whole month before he was comfortable walking on grass. It was after he was able to walk quite comfortably that I got him his walking jacket. I hope this note is helpful.

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