Saturday, January 16, 2010

I can see you!

Minah was not pleased at all that Bujang was on her turf and decided to keep us under her watchful eye. She followed us about and meowed her disapproval. Bujang was not aware of the surveillance but he sometimes caught her watching him and when that happened, he would stop and stare and go towards her. I had to stop him all the time as I was afraid Minah and Bujang would be too upset with each other. So I bundled him into his carrier and we went to the ixora park where another female calico watched him closely. She did not like him too and I didn't blame her and so we went home after 30 minutes of walking in the park. I didn't bring Tanaka down as I know Minah and him do not see eye to eye and he would be even more afraid of her,

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