Friday, January 15, 2010

Rolling Good Times on Thursday

Bujang enjoyed the feel of the dry leaves under him. I could hear them scrunch under his weight.

Since the evening was fine yesterday I allowed Bujang to walk in the drain. It was full of dry leaves from the trees planted by the Parks Dept (I think). He rolled about very energetically but was not able to do the 360 degrees rollover as he was too fat :). He did this for a full 4 to 5 minutes and then I had to tell him that good times must end as we had to comfort Tanaka who was upset by Minah. Once Tanaka saw him, he was comforted and walked slowly towards us :)

Bujang inspires confidence in all the kitties, possibly because he is so much bigger than any of them. Of course he also inspires fear when he gets cross and starts to yell the house down. Sometimes they do not know how to react when Bujang suddenly invites them to play as just as suddenly he could get cross and POW! something would happen to someone!

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