Saturday, January 02, 2010

Cat Among the Pigeons

The pigeons were just laying on the grass resting...
They just ignored Bujang and one came very near us...

Bujang seemed content just to watch them strut by....
I wondered if he knew what he was supposed to do.
He did not even chatter. He was more bored than anything.

Bujang watching very bold pigeons.
"I am not scared of you scaredy cat," the pigeons seemed to say.

I brought Bujang downstairs so he could take a walk, which he used to love. But the morning was hot and Bujang does not like the sun nor the dark. He also does not like water under his feet so I do not bring him downstairs immediately after rain. I thought he would like walking and looking at pigeons and the like but NO! He just sat in his carrier and looked at the pigeons like a bored talent scout. He followed their movements with his eyes and head and did not even chatter. So i decided to bndle him up and bring him to his fav park. I hoped that there, he would get out and take a walk.

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