Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wild Bunch news

Minah saying good afternoon...

Yes I am looking well thanks...

I am as flexible as usual...

The sun feels good on my back..

I saw Minah yesterday when I went to buy cat food for the amigos. She greeted me softly and then did not want any biscuits. Rather she wanted me to play for a while. She turned about showing me her new collar. Actually it was an old collar from Ms Akira. I had debated whether I should put a collar on her as the last time she had it, she got into so much trouble. Or rather some @#$% boy had pulled her collar and dragged her along the road (or so the aunty told me). She then had a bloody lip and her leg was hurt. She was so fierce that it was impossible to get her to the hospital. We had put her under close observation and were glad that she recovered in a matter of one week. Looking at her today, no one would have thought she had had such a traumatic episode in her life.
I decided to put the collar because of what had happened to Callie. If something did happen to Minah and someone sees her, then I hope someone would have the kindness to call me. So fatBoy and Putih each has one.
Cousin R and I debated whether we should put one on The Visitor or Billy Boy (as Cousin R had named him) as he has a home somewhere. However as he keeps coming to dinner and we had fed him to the healthy size that he is now, we decided we should. It seemes that his family has abandoned him although he does go 'home' at night. Cousin R had spoken to the boy who used to own Billy and he told her that his father had refused to feed him. I think that was why he was so thin when he found us. He has an ear tip though so I guess he was a community cat before he was 'rescued' by someone who later abandoned him. Billy Boy now spends much of his time in the carpark. The old auntie says we now have 4 cats. Callie used to be one of the four. I'm sure Callie would not mind us having Billy Boy at all :)


meemsnyc said...

Those are adorable photos! Look at that belly, you just want to rub it!!

Anonymous said...

Your comments here bring up some good points.
In case of an emergency, do you have contact nos on the collar? If so, can one read it easily? Many ppl (helpful they may be) would not try to get close to a defensive (esp injuired) cat to peer at the contact number to call you.

We had a collar where contact numbers were custom-made & stitched onto a break-away collar (from US), numerals are large enough to be seen clearly at a safe distance. However, it was expensive.

Perhaps the numerals could be stitched/marked on a tube of plain fabric and break-away/stretchable collar threaded thru fabric? It would be cheaper and distinctive. Cat cannot be forcibly pulled by anyone and put at a disadvantage if collar is loose enough.

Cheap alternative: My cats used to have elastic bands (sew ends together for a loose fit) as collars as they lost them frequently-cats climbed trees and had disagreements. Phone numbers were marked with marker pen. A small bell was attached so birds were warned of their presence. I have since kept cats indoors 12 yrs ago bec it was no longer safe for cats to be out anymore even in our quiet neighbourhood.

Of course with your nos on display, you may receive nuisance calls :) Perhaps use a male mobile user's numbers as screen?