Friday, October 31, 2008

Orijen Food Update

Yes, I made a choice to eat Orijen :)

Toro made the choice finally to eat Orijen like the rest of the amigos. I was pleased that I had given him time to reconsider his choices. Before this, he was the only one whom I had given salmon kibble as a night snack. So I guess since he had seen everyone else eating a different kibble, he had decided to join the crew :) Now when I give him a choice, he makes the Orijen one :)
Ms Akira has stopped vomitting the Orijen. She had some trouble changing diets although she did eat Orijen quite enthusiastically. It was only last Saturday that was a problem and now she eats it willingly with no problems.
I have yet to try ANF Holistic as I could not find the brand in the store but I will KIV this in case the amigos decided that they had had enough of the Orijen way :)

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