Thursday, October 09, 2008

Fluffy adopted

Fluffy (now Muffy) on his first day at school...

Fluffy or now Muffy has been adopted by Moo Moo's mom. Now she has 6 cats that she has adopted from various places. He has a nice garden and 5 siblings to play with although he has taken quite a shine to Moo Moo's mom's brother. I am glad for Muffy as he has a furrever home now :)

His family consists of Moo Moo (who is also Bujang's little bro), then there is his sisfur Blackie (from my void deck), then Mooty (Bujang's little brother who is siamese through and through with white fur and blue eyes) and there are the twin tabbies Mickey and Minnie (from Felicia the groomer). Bujang, Moo Moo and Mooty share the same siamese mom.


auntie p said...

Glad you've found your forever home, Muffy. :)

cat_aunty said...

Good luck Muffy!!!!

MooMoo' mum is a SAINT!