Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday is for sleeping

Sunday is only good for sleeping...

Lazy like Sunday...
He reminds me of one of those trishaw drivers who used to hang out in ole time kopi shops. They used to sit like this on lazy afternoons :)

Watch it with that box!
Toro is looking more and more like a ball of fur and nothing else :)Nowadays he has been asking us to brush out his fur. He has taken quite a shine to that much to my relief as his fur grows out very quickly. Maybe I will let it grow out a little longer to see what will happen.


cat_aunty said...

Oh dear....Rocket...manners!!

Toro looks a bit upset?

Sen and Tom said...

We just love Tanaka's stripy legs, and Toro's fur is looking wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I got my cat in trishaw rider pose too - it is a classic shot !!
Some long-haired cats have "undercoat" and this is the part that needs brushing so there are less tangles. Most DSH don't have this problem.
When you go for a quick $10 cut-they use a vacuum to get rid of loose hair on your head? A similiar product for cats would be useful-esp silent version ;)