Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I am a very clever kitty no?

Close up of the T2 duo on sleepy sunday 28 September...

Toro trying to see if the butterfly was ALIVE!

A pretty nice collage of my cat Totoro even if I say so myself...

A very confident Toro leapt from the cat tree, onto the window ledge and then onto my bookcase. This is the 2nd time he had done this and I was glad to see that he was pretty confident and could get down by himself. I had to save him the first time.
These pictures were taken on Sleepy Sunday 28th Spetember. I had cleaned the house for HRP and vacuumed, mopped, swept the house. I even changed the curtains. The boys decided to see what was outside the window now that there were no curtains. Toro was very happy as I had opened the windows to clean them and so there was a very good breeze. He sat and lay on the seat to enjoy it when he saw the bookcase. He looked at it for a bit and made a plan.
He made his way gingerly over the ledge and jumped onto the case. Then he examined the butterfly thoroughly before deciding that it was not very interesting as it didn't do anything. :)

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cat_aunty said...

Yes good job Toro!!

He is a very handsome kitty