Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wet Wednesday

My safety first...

Will it hurt us?

Its just one of those things...

The boys reacted quite differently to the clap of thunder this afternoon. Toro decided that hiding under the table was the best course of action. When the thunder clapped, he immediately ran and hid. I did not try to comfort him but rather just pretended nothing untoward had happened. I thought this would be best as one of my friends has a dog that trembled whenever there is thunder. She told me she comforts her dog and would always sit near him whenever there is thunder and lightning. I think this had encouraged her dog to be frightened.
Tanaka had a little shock but he stood his ground. However his wistful look betrayed him and of course Bujang just slept on :). He has taken a shine to sleeping on this cage that I have now put in the computer room. One of these days I will have to remove this cage permanantly.

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cat_aunty said...

Yes what you did is right. Being over protective will only make them more fearful.

The thunders were frightening but very little rainfall though