Thursday, October 30, 2008

Megat's urine test results

I may be a FUSsy kitty...

But I take life lying down :)

Nothing bothers me...well hardly...

His urine test results came in and Dr Soh told me there is no bacteria in his urine. Dr FP told me and I saw for myself that his kidneys and bladder are perfectly fine. His behaviour is normal and he is urinating everyday. I know because he has his own private litter bin in his night cage and in the morning, there would be clumps of pee. Dr FP did ask me if he pees in drips but not so.
I asked Dr Soh where the WBC would come from then. She said he may have FUS or Feline Urologic Syndrome which is a lower urinary tract disorder, including kidney and bladder stones, urinary blockage, and cystitis (infection or inflammation of the bladder). But since his kidneys and bladder are healthy, the vet said we should just keep watch on him.
She asked me if he is under stress and I told her that instead he gives stress to everyone else, frequently trying to beat up Toro. Most of the boys give him a wide berth unless he decides to take on Bujang and only then would Bujang give him some grief.
So the final decision is that everything would be status quo (with the sub q) and he woudld go for his review after his series of Eprex. I just have to put in some water in his wet food and keep a wary eye on the Cat-IT to see that the levels are not low.


Anonymous said...

Good news if nothing wrong is detected.
For my cat with suspected kidney stones, i give apple cider vinegar (GNC) in tablet form - liquid is just acidic. It is supposed to soften and break up kidney stones. Our male cat's urinary problem went away.
If there is probable inflammation, how about salmon oil? All the best Megat.

Sen, Tama and Tom said...

All of this sounds pretty positive, and we are happy for you and for Megat.

KXBC said...

About the stress he gives to the rest, it may not be necessarily true.

For our case, everyone in the gang is afraid of CC as he is strong despite his small size. We thought he should therefore be rather stressless since he is more or less the top cat. But it may not be so. The Feliway diffuser we used had seemed to make things worse so we took it out and he is now recovering. More stress free now.

Mary said...

Sweet Megat, you sure are a good boy. And you have a lot to thank san and grandma :)

san said...

Dear Anonymous
Salmon oil? I do have salmon oil. I used to give it him along time ago as I could not find cod liver oil in the right proportion to give him. I didn't know it would help combat inflammation. I would give it to thim then although he hates it. It is everyday?

Dear kxbc
I guess if he does stress them out, he must be stressed out himself if he needs to warn them off. The diffuser works well in the house and everyone sort of tones down a bit.

Anonymous said...

Our elderly indoor cats are not active & tend to have dry stool so we give a little oil (omega or salmon or flaxseed) with meals. Vet recommended salmon oil for cats wth inflammation.