Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eprex and Megat

No prob san...

Megat hardly reacted when I gave him his eprex injection. The needle was so fine that I suspect he hardly felt it (maybe a little bit) but certainly not as bad as his sub q needle. He knew that something was up though and tried to sit further away from me. But I had actually decided to give him his injection after dinner so I ignored him. Megat then also visibly relaxed and it was then that i decided I should just cath him unawares :)

I guess it is true what people say about animals - that they can pick up on your vibes from miles away :) Immediately after his injection, I gave him a treat and then he had some dinner. After that he sat with me or at least near me. It was only THIs morning that he suddenly decided that he did not want me to say goodbye when I went to work. I would usually just touch him on the head before I leave :)

When I came home, he was quite okay. I think he had forgiven me for the eprex. :)


Anonymous said...

I think your Eprex was put into insulin syringes with the short needles. They are a lot finer - come in 30units or 3/10cc and 50units. I use them for Eprex & of course for insulin lah. You can get them from the pharmacy for about 40cents a piece.
If you are used to 21G needles, insulin syringes/needles are easy.

Sen and Tom said...

Insulin syringes are great. I often used them when I had to give my previous cat shots.

We hope that Megat does well with the expres.

#1, Sen-Chan and Tom

cat_aunty said...

You are a brave boy, Megat