Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stay safe Minah

Oh dear. Please do not leave me anymore wet food. I don't like it...

I came home early today and saw that someone had left Minah a 400g tin of W. He/she has put all the contents on a small plastic bag and placed the tin beside it. I wonder what the tin was for if all the contents was already on the plastic bag! It was left to decompose under the sun although it was placed in a corner of the void deck.
So I had cleaned up the whole thing and washed the site as I did not want anyone to complain and Minah to get into trouble. I will tell the auntie what had happened and to tell her to lookout for the 'kind' stranger who had done this. I think Minah more than any of the Wild Bunch will get into some trouble as she is visible and very pretty. I notice more people feel that they want to feed her than any of the other cats!

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Sen, Tama and Tom said...

So sorry to hear about the gingerbaby , and about the food incident with Minah. That kind of kindness in the temperatures you have is a punishable offense.