Friday, October 24, 2008

Megat's Ultra Sound

Megat relaxing before his appointment...

At home after his ultra sound...

As usual the vet said, "Oh your cat is very good." Dr FP did his ultra sound this afternoon. He first had to get his abdomen shaved. I held his paws and the vet shaved off his fur. All this time, Megat was very unconcerned and showed absolutely no interest in any of the proceedings. Then she placed him on her tbale, inside a U-shaped receptacle and explained the whole procedure to me. Meanwhile Megat was held by the vet's assistant who did not have trouble placing him on his back. He allowed the vet to put the cold gel on him and swish it around on his tummy several times.
We saw his left and right kidneys and his bladder. There was no swelling on any of these organs which pleased the vet and of course pleased me. I was quite relieved as I expected some swelling after what Dr S told me last Sunday. Dr FP told me all his organs were in order and in the right shape.
The only worrying thing was we saw some particles in his bladder which looked very much like floating sand. The vet said she did not know what they were but will get a urine test. She said it could be lympocytes (just like Dr S had said from his last urine test) but it would be good to be sure.
Then she got a urine sample. Megat took no notice and all that could be seen after that was just a small blood spot. "This is a very good cat," she said again :)
Dr FP assured me that all is well and she would send his urine to the lab and inform Dr S of the findings. I would know soon enough.
The question now is if his organs are normal, where did the WBC come from?

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suzanna said...

Megat is an angel to all vets! He's so well behaved.

Good boy, Megat! :p