Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunday nap

Toro sleeping in the breeze...

No san. I am just lying here, not sleeping...

Tor took advantage of the unoccupied cat-tree in the late morning. He stretched his whole length there and I thought he went to sleep but not so. However, if you see his face carefully, you will see that his whiskers have been cut. It happened when I sent him to the groomers for Hari Raya. I had told his groomer (he is a new groomer) that I wanted him to get his fur trimmed all around. It was only in the cab that I noticed his whiskers! I went back to speak to the groomer and he apologised but still- who in their right minds would snip off a cat's whiskers?
Maybe it is time I find another groomer. When I went to Mount Pleasant Animal Clicnic, there was something about a groomer for cats and dogs. Maybe that would be better although I do not know anyone who had gone with them.


KXBC said...

You'll be surprised that some people think that whiskers need to be cut!!!!!

Many years ago, I did a grooming for a stranger cat (paid job) and the owner asked for the whiskers to be trimmed so that they will be of the same length. I asked them if they know anything about cats and the function of their whiskers. I can tell you they were very sheepish after my question.

cat_aunty said...


What kind of groomer was this!!! What kind of human is he!!!!!

Thats TERRIBLE!!!!

Poor poor Toro, many hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Not many groomers are trained to groom a cat and how to handle them. So far,Felicia is still the better groomer.


KXBC said...

I was told some groomers knock out the cats during grooming using don't what potion. Reason is they can't handle cats which will usually resist more than dogs.

Definitely no good for any cat, especially done by someone not certified to administer any medication.

You must check out the new groomer before you bring in Toro Tuna Belly.