Monday, October 27, 2008

New kibble for the amigos

The kibble the amigos seem to like...everyone but Toro that is...

The main ingredients of Origen from Saskatchewan, Canada

I have been on the lookout for kibble that all the amigos would eat. I have had to get 3 different types of kibble that all 5 cats would eat happily. Then I happened onto Origen and it has the BARK seal - Biologically Appropriate Real-Food Kibble. I have been looking for the BARK seal eversince I have been reading the cat magazines that cat_aunty had passed to me early this year. Of course after the Nutro fiasco, I cannot find anymore Nutro Lite and so Bujang and Toro eat Salmon. I suppose the Nutro people have sorted THAT one out.
I think maybe Orijen would be better as it has no grain at all. It also has no gluten, no soy, chemical presevatives, oxides and genetically modified ingredients. It has a great variety of botanicals like chicory root, licorice root, fenugreek, marigold flowers, sweet fennel, peppermint leaf, chamomile flowers, dandelion, summer savory and rosehip! WOW! I think it would taste very good especially with the fruit and vegetables. It has whole eggs with mainly chicken with turkey as the major protein.
What is more even fussy Ms Akira likes it. Everyone likes it but Toro who is a little fussy when it comes to kibble but I think he would come around once he sees everyone eating it. Megat likes it but of course he gets very little as he is on Waltham's Renal. I give it to Minah from the Wild Bunch and she eats it quite happily. This was all from the trial pack that I had to pay about $2.90 for 400g for.
So as I worry about grain and gluten, animal safety and nutrients for the amigos and Wild Bunch, I have decided to get Orijen for everyone but Megat. Yes Toro is still unhappy with it and he has become unhappy with his salmon. He is a tuna kind of guy :)
PS: Yup Sen-chan and crew :) I had updated this food entry and had mistakenly put it under draft last night. :))
UPDATE on Orijen
Although Ms Akira eats it enthusisatically, she had vomiited it out twice, once this morning and once just now at about 1130 pm after she had run willy-nilly through the house. I am not sure if it is the orijen though as she sometimes vomits out her undigested food. She has stopped doing this for some time and today was the first day after so long that she had done ths.
As I could not get the Nutro Lite anymore, I had given her IAMS Healthy Naturals which she eats without complaint but of cos there are some things in IAMs and with IAMS that I would rather not give her. She has gone through many brands from the store that she does not like at all. I will have to see how she reacts during this week with Orijen before making the choice to go back to IAMS. None of the boys (Bujang and Tanaka) have exhibited any such behaviour although I notice they eat less of the kibble. I guess it fills them up more quickly.


Anonymous said...

Most of my cats did not take to Orijen though the supplier assured me that it's selling well. I tried on 2 separate occasions (2 diff bags, mths apart)-most cats did not take to it. As i have 28 cats at home, there are always the odd cats who would eat anything. Orijen nutritional information looks good.

However, my dogs love Orijen dog food. Some are 'no-grain' which is what i want; fish (blue bag) is the dogs' favourite. The other no-grain dog food which is well accepted is Addiction. However, a cereal-sized box is $30+. Orijen is dogs' main diet. Addiction's raw dehydrated Meaty Bites (no-grain) is a great hit-like Angel Treats for cats.

I order Hill's Prescription food (k/d, w/d, h/d, z/d) from its agent (ask for a prescription from your vet) & prescription food is delivered to yr doorstep. Prices are abt the same except you don't have to go to the vet for it.

Wellness is what i am using now-seems popular with the cats. ANF Hollistic (all cats would eat this) has gone up 20%, lge pkt of (3bags of 3kg) is now $200. It is just too costly. Orijen at 7kg is less than $80...but my cats won't bite.

san said...

Only Ms Akira likes Wellness and she ate that all of one month before she decided that she would have none of it. :)
28 cats and some dogs! You must have your hands full with their diets :)

KXBC said...

I tried Wellness wet food on the gang. They are okay but not terribly enthusiatic about it.

I think the Natural Balance duck & Green Pea formula is grain free. CC who has skin allergy is doing ok on it. It is $58 for a 4kg pack.

san said...

No one would eat natural balamce dry in the house. Megat, Tanaka, Toro and Bujang eat tuna wet food version though. But only tuna. i tried the green pea version and was voraciouly reprimanded.

Anonymous said...

Some cats like variety while my cat eats ScDiet for 13 yrs (cat food then) and no other.

Usually i have 3-4 types of cat food, just have to remember cats' dietary preferences. Worse, some cats like a mix ;) You'll know if wrong food is given as kibbles are kicked off bowls.

Fortunately i've helpers; one for 12yrs. She's great at giving mediation/SubQ/injection/testing blood glucose & almost everything. Cats without medical problem are low maintenance. Sick cats, senior cats, disabled cats and FIV+ cats need a lot of monitoring.