Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ultrasound worries

Oh dear..oh dear...

The vet told me that Megat's abdomen will be shaved when they do the ultrasound to see the size of his organs. After cat-aunty's questions about GA, I read about how the ultrasound will be done and on of the sites has this to say.

Is Sedation or Anesthesia Needed for an Abdominal Ultrasound? Neither sedation nor anesthesia is needed in most patients; however, some pets resent lying on their backs and may require some sedation to allow a diagnostic procedure. If a biopsy needle is used to obtain a tissue sample, a local anesthetic or ultrashort anesthesia is used.

One thing for sure. Megat is a very good patient and can sit at the vet for long hours without moving a muscle. He would even let the technician and vet move him about like a toy cat with hardly any protest. I have seen him offer all his limbs to the vet when its time for a blood test :) So I don't think there would be any GA but i would ask Dr FP anyway.


cat_aunty said...

What a good boy Megat is

Anonymous said...

If you are going to the a***, the French lady vet who does ultra-sound is experienced & good with pets. I was impressed with the way she did echocardiography. My 15yr old pet did not make any protest at all, no sedation.