Monday, August 18, 2008

Screaming Banshee- Who dat?

That used to me my name :) I am now Megat and I live with san for 2 years already. I am very indpendent now and don't have to sit with san all day. I like sitting here near the window. Actually I also live with 4 cats. I have a small problem with my kidneys and have to survive the sub qs that san gives me. She is not so good at it and today she nicked me a little but after a few moments it was okay. I got some treats and played with san so life is alright :)

This is my cute pix that san used for my catster badge. Its not too bad.

This is me a long time ago - in 2006.

This was the first time I let san put a collar on me. I was still living in the dark carpark. san called me Screaming Banshee then as I screamed a lot cos I was afraid she would not see me to feed me. I was always hungry then. I used to eat under the dark staircase where there were alot of cockroaches. san thought this was the best place for me as no one would see me to chase me off. She also had to feed some other cats. I knew san was afraid of the cockroaches but she fed me all the same. People used to scream at me as they think I would hurt them. I was such a small kitty. How can I hurt all the people? One day san came to wipe all the dirt off me. She said 'Aiyah cat, why you so dirty?' Then she wiped me everyday. I decided to follow her home and now I have a nice place to sleep and food to eat and a place to look outisde. The other cats sometimes try to frighten me but I just GROWLLL at them and attack them first. That worked for me before. san and grandma scold me when I do this so I try to just stare at the furry grey one and the orange ball. They are afraid of me still..hahaha. The black and white BIG BOSS I usually leave alone. He sometimes stares at me and I know better than to stare back. RETREAT is the best way with THAT cat.

san took this picture when she fed me in the carpark. It was dirty and full of oil. san always put a nice piece of paper and I had a bowl of nice food. Yummy.

Finally I let san take a picture of my face. She was pleased. This is the first one she took of me full face.

She decided to do this one for all the bloggers to see me.

This is my before and after story. san thought she would find the old pictures and she said I should help her put the story together again. I told her she should do the blog cos she spells better than I do :) So to answer a blogger's question :)) - Yes Screaming Banshee was pre-Megat. Now of course Megat is another cat altogther :) Megat is me.


auntie p said...

I'm very happy for you, Megat. You've been a brave cat, so I guess nothing fazes you now, not even the sub-q, right? You're a very good boy to not make a big fuss.

Mary said...

What a transformation? Aren't you lucky Megat, an angel came when you most needed.

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely cat tale - from carpark to San's loving care. If not for San, there will be no fairy-cat tale. On Megat's behalf, hugs&kisses for San.

EJ. said...

Many more good years, Megat!

cat_aunty said...

What a lovely touching tale, true story somemore!!!

Megat's face has filled up, and he doesn't have those bald patches on his body now.

I am so happy for you, Megat.

Thanks to San and Grandma who embraced Megat and the Amigos for taking Megat as one of the family.


Wei said...

wow... has it been 2yrs already... wow.... when i 1st started to read about the amigos Megat wasnt even with San yet hehee...

keep up the good work, San!

Megat the screaming Banshee... u are so looking good