Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Madness

I can't get it..grrrr...

Watch out!


Take that!

Yup..I lurve this little ball thing...

Bujang found his favourite toy of all time - its light and he can throw it up in the air easily. He prefers to play this game by himself and tonight, not even Tanaka tried to wrest this from him. This little square thing was from cat_aunty a long time ago. She gave this to the amigos at christmas and we still have it. I hide it from Bujang and take it out for him at intervals so he won't get bored :) Bujang literally tore the house down but then he is allowed to do this as he hardly ever does it these days.

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auntie p said...

You go get it, Bujang! ;)

Cat aunty gave Coco a colourful fish toy, which Coco likes to play slides across the floor swiftly.