Monday, August 25, 2008

Lets get on with it san

Curious Tanaka decided he would accompany Megat during the sub q...

grooming and sub qs...

We have now established a routine. When I get home from work and once Cousin R comes to help, he will immediately be bundled into his night quarters. He knows the routine and does not protest much if at all.

Then we set up his sub q equipment and once the needle is in place, I will take him out and place him on the sub q table. Today he made no noise. He merely trembled a little. I tried to soothe him and placed him on the table. Then I quickly cleaned the sub q site and inserted the needle. It took only about 3 minutes for the whole operation to be over. (I still remember the v_e_r_y long time that I had taken with his first 2 sub qs).

I talked to him for the whole time and he lay quite still. After that it was dinner time and everything was okay :)

Tanaka decided to accompnay him this time. He did not kpo but decided to sit on the top shelf watching. Then he got nervous and sat close to the door :)) Neither Bujang nor Tanaka like watching the whole operation but preferred to stay with Megat in spirit only. :)

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Great job !!