Friday, August 15, 2008

It gets easier you say...maybe so...

Megat finally getting some respite from amigo hounds...

Where is that kitty- the one who smells different...where?

I want to thank everyone for giving us such encouragement with the sub q, especialy kxbcy's dad who gave us minute instructions and insight as well as hindsight :) on his sub q experience. True to his advice, it was much easier to use the fluid bag from CH. The vet had given us 18 gauge needles. I was very pleased as I had read that these needles were probably the best size to use. Of course I had to read the 'how tos' again just so I can see everything in pictures. This site also has a video with a thorough explanation on how to set up the system as well as how to give the fluids to a cat. The fluid bag was the same as I had from CH so I was quite confident when I had to set it up at home.

It seemed that (from my visit to the abovementioned site) it would be less painful to the cat if he is injected at his scruff so this was what I tried to do. We set up the system as shown in the video, complete with the fluid bag being hung and I had got Megat in position (he did not volunteer for this). We had made sure that there were no air bubbles in the drip line. I injected Megat through his scruff and to my amazement, he sat quite quietly. We had to adjust Megat's distance from the fluid bag and of course the more straight the drip line, the faster the flow of the fluid.

Megat then decided to get a little more comfortable on my chair and he adjusted himself. I was surprised but allowed him some freedom of movement while holding onto his scruff periodically. Wily Megat then decided to try to escape once my guard was down. AIYOH! But he should have known that I would be vigilant and finally it was all over - less than 5 minutes! We made sure that the roller was in the off position and I quickly then pulled the needle out of his skin.

Of course I forgot to pinch the site where the eedle was to ensure that no fluid would get out of the hole! So poor Megat got some fluid on his neck. Nevertheless, he sat in the chair quietly and rested (unlike the 1st time when he tried to bolt). Then he jumped off the chair and quickly ran off.

But the boys ran after him and tried to harass him. I think the fluid that was on his fur erased the family smell. I had to chase them all off and once he was in the room, I had to shut the boys out. Megat then had a long rest where he groomed himself and I think redistributed the fluids too :) At this point, I thought I should open the door so the boys would know that it was Megat as he had by now rolled onto Toro's blanket. At this point none of them apart from Tanaka was in any way interested to chase him anymore. Tanaka was just insatiably curious and waited by the bed to see what else was going on.

So this experience taught me that we still need two people to do the sub q and thank goodness Cousin R was there to help Megat and I.


Anonymous said...

Our cats are Sub-Q-ed singlehandedly. They know the time & what to expect. They feel the vibes from the care-giver, stay calm. It gets better each time.

Vary the spot on the cat's body where you give Sub-Q so as not to stress the same area.
With time, you'll learn where the skin is thicker/thinner (I use 21G for thinner skin) and of course we tend to use the "good" areas more.

I had a cat with skin fragility (like tissue paper)-spots of skin with good elasticity/thickness are not many. We were advised to give Sub-Q nearer the back so in case of an infection of the skin (possible considering cat's disease), it would be away from vital organs.

Pl check with yr vet as diff vets have diff opinions.

My "heart" cat had edema in hind legs, we gave Sub-Q nearer fore legs. If there is swelling due to lymphatic obstruction (perhaps cancer) - same principle applies.

Every cat is different (health & skin condition), so it is best to check with vet now&then no matter how long you have been Sub-Q-ing.
I just learned new tricks lately - how to massage away the lump quickly ; )

There are very few problems if cats are in reasonably good health. Yes, make sure cat pees.
I am happy for Megat - well done, you did a A1 job !!

cat_aunty said...

Good job everyone!!!!