Saturday, August 23, 2008

Goodnight saturday

Megat on the sub q table...

This is a much better place..away from that table and I still get to relax...

Yes..this is so much better...zzzz

Megat decided to jump up onto the usual resting place. But he didnt stay long on the sub q surface. Instead he decided to explore other heights. This was a good thing as I hope he is getting used to the idea of sub qs. Maybe it was just that desktop time was the time we had spent together before the sub q :) Whatever the reason I am glad he decided the place was a safe one eventhough he is now on a higher shelf.

The biys are all here to pressure me into giving them their night snack, expecially Bujang who had been giving me THE STARE from just now.

Ok boys, lets go!

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Anonymous said...

Megat has interesting hair pattern in the top photo.
I noticed that some of my kidney cats have this "serracted" edge (see side view) where the hair does not lie flat but rather stood up. You see the skin between the ridges of hair even though cat may have a full coat of hair. I noticed Megat has rather sparse coat since carpark days.
i bring cats for blood test when coat does not look right to me.
That was how i discovered higher creatinine in some of my older cats before symptoms were obvious.
i am probably wrong bec my vet said 'no such thing'!!!