Saturday, August 23, 2008

Megat and the 4th sub q

There is nuffing to it...

Megat only has one thing to say before the needle - mau... (plaintively). After that one 'mau' he usually just lets me get on with the sub q. He tries to struggle once or twice and then he relaxes and in very little time, the whole operation is over. These days, I will try to give him his sub q before dinner as this seems to be the best time. He was a little skittish yesterday after dinner and refused to come near me at all. I tapped the brush on the tile several times and after some time he decided being brushed was a better option. :)

He has not yet been able to get on top of the computer table to relax (like he would usually do before the sub q sessions). He would just peek into the computer room, look at me at the computer and leave or he would enter the room and sit near me but never on the table. Right now, he is sitting on the wooden chair near the computer quite calmly without keeping a wary eye on me at all. It must be quite traumatic for the little guy. The funny thing is he is more suspicious of Cousin R who usually keeps an eye on the fluid bag and not me, who injects him with the needle :)) He is a funny kitty.

PS: As I was writing the post, Megat walked across my legs and took a sniff at the computer table surface before leaping off - calmly. I guess he figured it was better to confront than be afraid. :)

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