Monday, August 18, 2008

Best laid plans - 3rd sub q


I got home earlier today and thought I should vary the time for Megat's sub qs. But Cousin R was delayed and so we did it at the same time as before - after dinner. I thought it would be wise to vary the place for the sub q and brought him to Toro's blanket which he likes quite a lot. But he seemed very restless here and tried to run off several times. After his sub q, I then sequestered him in Tanaka's cage so he could rest and be quiet. He also got some treats.

I did not want the boys to enter the room but Bujang slipped in and he decided it was something he would like to watch. We fixed the fluid bag, and the needle and by then Bujang got a little nervous when I got Megat out of the cage and onto the blanket. Bujang jumped onto the cupboard to watch the whole process from afar. After that he peeped at Megat in the cage. Finding nothing else to entertain his fancy he left Megat alone and I closed the door for 15 minutes.

Then I played with Megat using Da Bird but he was not as agile as before and didn't want to climb onto the bed to catch Da Bird although he was just as nimble with sliding across the floor to catch Da Bird in his mouth :)

Yes I am glad to report it does get much easier and we are less nervous about the whole business :) The fluid bags from CH was also easier to manage although the needle from CH (green) defeated me. I used the 18 gauge needle the vet gave me with ease though and decided to stick to that.

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cat_aunty said...

Good job, San and Cousin R!!!!!

And Megat has great courage to endure the sub Q!!!!

Practice makes perfect.

Mabye Bujang was suspicious that both of you were doing something funny to Megat??