Saturday, August 23, 2008

One-eyed Toro

All seems well with Toro on Saturday morning...

I noticed his left eye is smaller than his right one still...

2 friends in cahoots (psst Tanaka...dun tell san and I won't hit you tonight)

Ok..we pretend effurything is okie..

But you can't lie if you're Toro with 2 big blue eyes :)

His new eye drops...

On Friday, grandma told me that she noticed one of Toro's eye was smaller than the other. I decided to flush out debris (if any) that he might have had and remembered that the night before both Tanaka and Toro were rampaging in the bedroom, creating havoc. I had ignored them and went to sleep. (It tells you something if I can fall asleep amidst my romping cats :)
Some time after that, I noticed that he was more able to open his eye and I thought that would be the end of it until this morning when I saw he had one eye shut though not so tightly. He could still open his eye but it seemed to take some effort. Grandma was rather anxious and so I made an appointment for tomorrow to see the vet. I noticed that his left eye is the one that gets the brunt of many things. He had hurt this eye 3 times this year, beginning with his escape.
I also decided to get him some eye drops that would soothe his eye (as it was a little swollen). PL only had NOVA and that was what I had used. I will see if he could open his eye wider but I would still bring him tomorrow as I need the vet to look at it anyway and also to see if indeed he had ear mites.
Poor Toro!


Chinky said...

Hope the eye turns out ok.
Garpy's too has his eyelid swollen now and the eye would be glued shut but it resolve spontaneously.

Anonymous said...

With several cats in the household, there could be a scratch on the cornea during rough-housing. i apply antibotic eye cream once/twice as condition could be uncomfortable. If it helps, no need to see vet lah.

san said...

Where would I get antibiotic eye-cream?

Anonymous said...

As i have a household of quite a few cats, certain medications (ask your vet which is reasonably safe) is good to have on hand.
Antibotic eye cream for red/teary/cannot open eyes.
Antibotic powder.
Bene-Bac (acidophilus) or Pro-Kolin (probotics) for minor tummy upset.
Anti-vomitting or anti-diarrhoea medication.

Sometimes cat is sick during the night/weekend when vet clinic is closed. Of course have to see vet if conditions do not improve the next day.

Eye drops have very short shelf-life (once open, last only a week or so) - so i prefer the gel. Do not share among cats-unless you are careful to keep content clean.

If vet is reluctant (understandable), then if you know name of product, can sometimes buy from JB or Thailand without prescription but you take the risk of self-medicating for the night/day.