Thursday, August 14, 2008

Post Sub Q

We are still friends

Megat and Toro still hanging out together after Megat's 1st sub q (250 ml) - from the room to the living room. It is pretty unusual for both these boys to be togther, sharing the same space.

At about 1030 Megat came into the computer room to look for me as this is past his bedtime and night snack. He saw me at the computer, stared at me for a bit as though weighing the wisdom of jumping up on the table once again. I had done the sub q on Megat on the computer table itself. As though deciding that he would not put himself in danger anymore, he walked out and sat on the kitty table waiting for me to invite him to go to bed. I did and he quite docilely allowed me to pick him up to place him in his own quarters. He ate his night snack, ignored his bowl of water and then once Ms Akira came out into the living room, stared at her running wildly. he did not watch long as before 11.00 pm he was already resting next to his soft toy. This morning, he headbutted me to wake up at 5 to 6 am so he could take my place for a nap. I think he has quite forgiven me for subjecting him to the indignities of the sub q.


KXBC said...

Yeah, they are like that one. Got short memory.

Did the vet tell you there's no need to inject every 2 days if you do not find him dehydrated?

san said...

No. The vet told me no such thing. He just said to do it on alternate days. I should have asked him the question though. I did the skin test thing and he seemed ok. I did tell the vet that Megat drinks everyday. I will try to put some fish soup in his wet food. I hope he would get more fluids that way. I have also put some water in his wet food already. I should have asked the vet that impt question!

cat_aunty said...

I think he knows the injections are to make him better