Friday, August 29, 2008

Frantic Friday

After 7th sub q...comfort in a basket...

I came home from work at 12.00 pm and waited for Cousin R to help me with the sub q. I took a chance of giving him an afternoon sub q as I would be late home from work and by then Cousin R would not be there to help me. Cousin R arrived at about 1230 but Megat ran off as he suspected (and rightly so) that something was up. So I decided to ignore him and get on with the business of getting ready (again) for work. By 1.00 pm, Megat decided that the coast was clear and as I was busy, he thought he was safe!
Poor kitty. I immediately grabbed him and took him to the sub q table where everything was ready. He knew that there was no escape so he very quietly submitted to the sub q. It went very well and in no time, I allowed him to go out of the computer room after giving him his sub q treat. Just as immediately, he ran off to sit in the bastant basket. I think it gave him a sense of security just like it lulls Toro to sleep :) After all was done, I went back to work and we had to go to the Singapore Flyer. I think I had more excitement with my cat Megat than sitting in a glass bowl of the biggest observatory in the world.

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ERICA said...

Very pretty cats!!

Kisses from Dulcinea and I!