Saturday, July 31, 2010

Toro Update- Hospitalisation Day 3

Toro was looking well when I left him today, at about 7.30 pm. He had eaten some wet food and drunk a lot more water as I brought him our water bowl. He is not used to drinking water from a bowl as we have drinking fountains for a few years already, which he prefers, but I am glad he remembered.
He wanted to look at what was up but he realised the jump was not something he wanted to do. It was very quiet on Saturday afternoon and the dogs were all asleep so he felt safe enough to venture out of his cage.
Toro contemplating life...

I brought him a feather that Cousin R found two days ago. He was much more interested in it as it was kept with the catnip :)
His blood test on 29 July
His blood test today...

The indicators for kidney issues (or kidney failure as the vet calls it) were a little better but not so much better that he can go home. She said it was the practice that if the 2nd test shows a a number that is comparable, then they might allow him home. We are of course hoping for the indicators to improve in the days to come. The vet Dr S said his kidneys were very very very very bad. I think 4 very bads are just the same as 1 very bad though. I guess he had to tell me the naked truth so I do not have unreasonable expectations of what medicine can do. :(

I read that Persian cats were predisposed to kidney stones and some may even have them in the kidneys from young, about 30%. This is no consolation of course. It would be good to know from the very beginning though.


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Hang in there, Toro-Chan! We need you to get better!

Anonymous said...

Stay positive. 2 yrs ago our kidney MCat had blood transfusion due to 15% pcv, fluid in chest cavity/lungs (stop Sub-Q) and prognosis was very very poor & Dr L was away! MCat pulled thru & has good quality life today. Hoping the same for Torro, he is such a sweet boy.

KXBC said...

Agree with Anon (2nd comment).

Let Toro be on the drip with whatever medication they put inside for a few more days. It will help lower his kidney readings a lot. No point bringing him home earlier until his blood results are within much lower.

While you visit him, listen to his breathing and see if he is whizzing. That may indicate water in his lungs which means the drip is flowing too fast. The vet will know what to adjust.

Anonymous said...

I think IV drip is calculated according to cat's weight-X drops per min (as shown on meter). Urine output is monitored & recorded.
ICU care is good & there's regular checks thru/out night. If pet is unable to move, nurse will turn pet. I have spent nights at ICU yrs ago and recently and feel comfortable about the standard of care. Torro shd be in good hands.