Saturday, July 31, 2010

Toro Update - Hospitalisation Day 2

Toro having his first meal of the day - of Walthams Renal
He allows us to brush him and stayed put quite long until he was satisfied with his fur...
Yes! I am all ready for the night san...
What are you doing? This is NOT my favourite toy!

Toro in hospital, having food from home instead of hospital food...

Dr T called me at work to speak about toro yesterday but I was not able to speak with him. One of the staff said that Toro was not eating and that he was not so alert. I was not so worried as I knew Toro would spent half the day asleep if he was home until i come back from work and so told him this. He sounded relieved and asked if I was coming to see Toro with food!

Toro was looking well and ate the Walthams Renal readily in his own bowl. He complained several times as he ate so I guess he was not very sick. Then we spent the remainder of the time playing with him and brushing his fur, which he enjoyed.

Dr T called me again at about 10. I did not speak to him at the hospital as it slipped my mind. He said they would do another blood test for him on Saturday (today) and the earliest he could return home is Sunday, if all is well. The only doc at the hospital today would be Dr L and so if I can get him it would be better. If not, then Dr Lim would tell me if Toro could go home and that would be Sunday (if his indicators show a marked improvement only) Dr T said he was quiet and I told him that Toro is usually very laid back in the mornings and afternoons and would only play late afternoon with the amigos. I also told him that Toro is a finicky eater and would only eat what he is used to, the way he wants it and to always give him fresh food (even kibble) in the morning.

I will be seeing him later today and we will see what transpires. Thank you for all the thoughts and advice for Toro yesterday.


Anonymous said...

From b/ground i guess Toro is at a***. When Dr L is away, my pets see Dr Lee. She used to be at Greendale many yrs ago. Experienced. Off on Sunday.

meemsnyc said...

Oh Toro, we are so worried about you. Feel better soon!

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

We have been offline for a few days and we return to find several of our friends unwell, including our dear friend Toro! This makes us very sad and we are all crossing our paws and purring for him. Get better soon, Toro-Chan!

Purrs and Woofs,
All the French Chans and Tommy

KXBC said...

If he is eating on his own, it is good news because it means that his sense of smell is recovering.

Kidney failure will cause him to smell food as urea and thus, he will not eat. So if he eats, means his kidney is slowly recovering.

Hopefully, his heart will not be affected like XX's. I understand they always come hand in hand.

mylittlebuddies said...

I'm glad to see him eating on his own! Yay!

Keep it up, Toro! :D