Thursday, July 29, 2010

Toro Update - Hospitalisation Day 1 old pic of Totoro

Toro is now in hospital, on an IV drip. He has a catheter in his leg so the fluids will be given continuously. His blood test found his creatinine levels to be 20 and his BUN to be 120. He had an xray and the vet found white dots in his kidneys which he suspected to be calcium deposits. He was also dehydrated. His bladder was ok so he was not blocked. He has acute kidney failure.

The vet could not find what was wrong as his diet did not warrant such results. Then he spoke about melamine and I told him that Toro ate Nutro before and that was found to be contaminated with melamine. But then Bujang and Ms Akira also had Nutro and I now think I should bring both cats to the vet to get some tests done.

The vet was not optimistic about his chances of recovery but we would know ore after his ultra sound, which would be done on Tuesday.The vet said Toro would have to be in hospital for a few days, at most a week.

I will be seeing him tomorrow with Cousin R with his bowl, his pillowcase blanket and his toy. I think I will bring the Walthams Renal as his kidneys are already compromised. Thank goodness I brought his stuff toy with me and now at least he has that in his cage.

Hi Katie. Where can I get Roots- Purification? Is it a liquid that I can put in the drinking water?


Jules said...

I hope your dearest Toro will recover fully! :)

Anonymous said...

San, so sorry to hear of Torro's ARF. I had two cats with the same sudden symptoms & creatinine of 17 and 19. One had kidney stones. Praying for Torro to respond to treatment.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about Toro. My persian has acute kidney and he is recovering slowly. Hang in there Toro. Kidney problem is a common problem for persian cats

Walthem Renal is good for Toro. I also recommend Roots - Purification. This will help to cleanse the kidney when the cat's kidney is too weak to do the work. A few drops weekly for three months in their water will help them tremendously. It is also good for Bujang and the rest of the gang.


mylittlebuddies said...

Sending healing vibes to Toro....

Handsome boy Toro, get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi San

Try Simei PLC, they may have. I got mine at ARC - Greendale. Some vets do carry. It is in tiny beads which will melt in normal water temperature.

I think it is the same brand you bought for fear or aggression.


Anonymous said...

I think Katie means Bach Flower #7 Purification, Detoxication. San, if you need Tripsy, Azodyl, Astro's CRF oil-just say so. I am sure arvc has the rest.

mei said...

gosh...hope toro will get well soon. he is such a lovely boy..

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

please recover, Toro!!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, Toro!

HRH Coco said...

Oh dear dear Toro, I'm shocked to read about this!

Please get well soon. My human slaves and I will be praying for you, definitely.

Anonymous said...

All my love and well wishes to Toro. I have been away for a while and only just managed to catch up on this blog. Not great news to read after being away. My heart is with him...

Anonymous said...

Be strong Toro! Our hearts are with you.

KXBC said...

Oh dear.

San, sometimes we will never know the reason why they get kidney failure despite what we think had done right. It could be genetics especially with mixed breed cats whom we do not know of their parentage.

The Waltham's renal dry food may not be best at this moment as he is dehydrated. As long as he is on the drip, he will not be dehydrated but once he is off it, he will be and you will need to subQ him everyday until the medication kicks in.

Help him with less subQ by feeding him wet food, even if it is not renal food. As long as he eats, he will get nutrients to fight. You can try feeding him Sc Diet k/d wet food. Not sure if he will eat it like that cos XX did not even want to be 1 foot from it. Else, syringe feed him like how I mentioned the last time for FB. The syringing at least twice a day will help a lot. Then after he slowly gains back the lost weight and is more hydrated, you can then take it off him.

With regards to the kidney stones, hopefully it will become smaller and be flushed out painlessly. That is not the main concern at this point though.

Toro had exactly the same symptoms as XX 2 years ago, right down to the kidney stones. XX pulled through. Toro will be able to as well. Have hope.

If you can, visit him as often as possible. It will cheer him as he will always be looking for your familiar face and smell. He will purr in your presence. Purring will help him recover faster.

I am not sure if there are lessons to be learned and pitfalls to be avoided from XX's experience. Click on XX's "kidney" tag. I hope her case study can help you in some well.

Have hope. Toro will pull through.