Monday, July 05, 2010

FatBoy Update

FatBoy looking at the chaos at the void deck - policemen!
FatBoy eating Aristocats tuna and chicken... He does look a little fatter from above but this was taken on Saturday. He had his SubQ on Friday. So I think he was a little plump because of the liquids.
We decided to vary his diet as he sometimes refused to eat the salmon and chicken.

This weekend found him well although yesterday he took quite some time to get out from under a car for dinner. He just sat there while I tried to cajole him into eating dinner. He ate a 3/4 can of an 85g tin but did not drink any water from the bowl. On Saturday he ate a lot more- a whole tin and drank some water from his tin bowl.

Saturday was a little difficult as it rained the whole day bit he came out quite cheerfully. He was only anxious as there was alot of running and screaming at the void deck. Some teenagers were playing a fool. Then the police came to ask them to go home. I think some residents would have called the police as there was so much noise. Of course since it was raining, the boys did not have anywhere else to go but I must say I was thankful as silence would mean Fatboy would be more rested.

We will have to see if today would be a better day or would we still have to cajole him out of under cars for dinner :(

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