Thursday, July 15, 2010

Family Spat

Toro the Blur one
Megat the Gangsta Kitty

I do not know why Megat has decided that harassing Toro would be the be all and the end all of his existence. One the reasons could be that Toro is the only kitty who seemed afraid of him. Tanaka shows no fear of any one, any cat or anything. Bujang is too big for him and Ms Akira is seldom seen outside of her abode.

Yesterday, after his meds and lingzhi he walked towards Toro with great purpose and determination. I saw him and decided to tell him to stop. He stopped for a bit and decided that as I was far away from him, that it would probably be worth it to give Toro some slaps- and he did! He cornered Toro between the carrier and his cage and proceeded to box him several times, stopping only when he saw me getting nearer to him. I managed to scoop him up and reprmand him and he was immediately put inside his cage. Thankfully it was already 9.45 pm and bedtime was at 10.00 so he had no time to plot anything else as all the kitties know bedtime and wait for it.

Grandma's 2 cents is that Megat is taking revenge for the many times that we had rescued Toro from being beaten up by him. We all of us know Toro's "Don't beat me up or I will tell san" cry and almost always it would be when Megat is on the verge of beating him up.

Apart from some of Toro's fur flying, no blood was shed :)


Anonymous said...

Our 3-legged, small-sized kitty just slapped our blur sotong a couple of times just for fun. It keeps us busy.

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Poor, sweet Toro!!!!!!

Although we do not as a rule condone violence, we do see that this feistiness is a good sign in Megat!

Anonymous said...

haha..our youngest kitty also has a "you slap me i tell mummy" cry ^_^ and we also have to rescue her from her "jie jie" :)