Sunday, July 11, 2010

FatBoy Update

On Friday, FatBoy made himself scarce as it was SubQ day. We waited for 20 minutes until I could not wait about anymore as I had to send Putih to the vet to see why she was limping. When I got home from the vet, about 8.10 pm, Cousin R told me that she was feeding FatBoy in the playground. It seemed she went down in search of him again at about 7.45 and saw him waiting for her. She had to sit with him for a bit to wait for me and finally we got him into the carrier and gave him his fluids. Finally!

We also got news that it was not possible for FatBoy to live in a cat shelter in PRFarmway. One of the residents saw us giving FB the SubQ and she told us that she volunteered in a cat shelter in PRF and whether we would consider putting him there. I told her about his serious condition and the meds that he is in and she said she would ask Mdm W if it was possible as she had seen FB in better times and now fears for his safety as he was slower and thinner these days. The aunty and one of the residents were a little upset when they heard that I had agreed to this arrangement but they later understood that it would be better if it was possible. Anyway now that it Mdm W's domestic help was leaving for home, it would not be a reality and I think FB would have to be contented with me :)

FatBoy on Saturday
On Saturday, FB ate quite heartily. He came out when I rang for him quite easily and he ate and drank some water. He was looking quite cheerful.
FatBoy on Sunday is looking thinner...

I had to make 2 rounds this evening before FB came out. I rang the keys and called his name but he did not appear and so I fed all the rest of the kitties. When I came back to the carpark, he came to meet me slowly but refused to eat his usual dinner. Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to bring the Snappy Tom Tuna Flakes and Chicken. This dinner is softer and wetter and so it did not stick so much to his teeth. he ate all of his dinner but did not drink the water I gave him.

We sat like 2 old timers at the playground, looking at nothing in particular but I felt I should just sit and spend some time being still with FB. He did not protest when I told him I had to go home and that he was to come out for dinner tomorrow without fuss :)


HRH Coco said...

Stay well, Fatboy.

KXBC said...

I went to Mdm W's shelter once. She is very good at syringing food for the sick cats. Just 5 min and 1 cat is fed. Fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I think SP cattery does Sub-Q for kidney cats but it is no fun being confined in a room with other sick cats. As FatBoy is doing ok, he is happy as he is.