Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rest In Peace Little Kitty

This kitty used to peer at Bujang and I when we go for our walks

We say a little prayer for the kitty in the picture who used to look at us curiously on our walks. It seemed he was hit by a vehicle. He was an indoor kitty left to his own devices and allowed to run around the estate.

Rest in peace little kitty. I bet the cars would always stop for you where you are now.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, RIP little kitty. I lay the blame on its so-called owners who apparently are the tidak-apa types. Who in my opinion ought to be castigated and neutered. I am so so so angry towards their callousness.

the letter b

Anonymous said...

Oh dear.. I loved to see your pics of this kitty up there in the window in your walkabouts with Bujang. RIP poor fella..