Sunday, July 11, 2010

Community Cat Weekend

A white butterfly visited us at Sunday dinner...
Terror Kitty and Blackie on Saturday. They were very friendly.
Blackie the Plant Eater. She is a very pretty kitty. She was relocated here by T as she used to eat the residents' outdoor plants and upset many people.
Terror Kitty was alone this Sunday. I guess M had given the other 2 kitties their dinner already.
Minah on Saturday - beautiful and hungry...
On Sunday she was very wary. I think it wa sbecause someone's cactus pot fell off and broke. I saw the broken pieces of the pot and the lonely cactus. I think she felt she needed to vigilant and she was right.


HRH Coco said...

Both blackies are good-looking!

Plant eater blackie has the kind of cute nose that Sanju (my ex-foster) has.

And why call the other blackie Terror ?

Anonymous said...

Blackie is gorgeous with deep soulful eyes.. I likes!